Strike It Rich With Poket Change. Error Coins Bring Big Money, e-book



Pages: 736, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

An invaluable resource catering to both novice and seasoned coin enthusiasts, this comprehensive guide features over 350 illustrations and detailed examples to assist you in identifying rare and valuable coins among your everyday pocket change.

In the words of the authors, the latest edition of "Strike It Rich with Pocket Change" dispels misconceptions about error coins while helping you explore, market, and research rare coins that may lurk within your loose coins.

The book is replete with more than 350 close-up illustrations, providing crucial identifying details and current market values, enabling you to distinguish between genuine and error-variant coins across various types. Additionally, this indispensable how-to guide includes:

Coverage of coins such as Lincoln Memorial Cents, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, John F. Kennedy Half Dollars, and State Quarters.
Expert insights and advice on essential tools, coin preservation, and the buying and selling of error-variant coins.
Definitions and terminology associated with error coins.

Whether it's uncovering a Jefferson Presidential dollar missing edge lettering, valued at $2,000 to $10,000 and beyond, or spotting a Lincoln cent with distinctive trail marks worth $1 to $3, hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered within your everyday pocket change, provided you possess the knowledge to recognize them.