COINS OF ENGLAND & THE UNITED KINGDOM. Standard Catalogue of British Coins. 55 edition, 2021, e-book



Pages: 641, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

This enduring reference guide for British coins remains the sole catalog that encompasses every significant coin type, spanning from the Celtic era to the Decimal coinage of Queen Elizabeth II. It meticulously arranges them in chronological order, categorizing them by metals during each reign, and then further organizing them by coinages, denominations, and variations. Notably, all decimal coinage issued since 1968 is covered in a separate, stand-alone publication.

Within this catalog, you will discover current values for each coin, a beginner's guide to coin collecting, explanations of numismatic terminology, and historical insights for every British coin. It spans the full spectrum of British coin history, commencing with our earliest Celtic coins and journeying through Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman coinage, the coins of the Plantagenet Kings, the reigns of the Houses of Lancaster and York, the Tudors, Stuarts, and the more contemporary Milled coinage, which made its debut in 1561 under the rule of Elizabeth I.

Coins have historically served as a means for states and monarchs to communicate with their people. Therefore, "Coins of England" serves not only as an essential reference for collectors but also as a captivating snapshot of British history. It sheds light on the economic, technological, artistic, political, and religious facets of each era. As always, the content of this catalog has been thoughtfully updated and enhanced by the editors, featuring numerous new images and revisions to key sections.