Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001 to Date (13th Ed), e-book



Pages: 1490, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

In today's modern collectible coin market, a harmonious blend of creativity and tradition has given rise to a stunning array of coins that captivate enthusiasts with their captivating themes. This fusion of contemporary innovation and time-honored craftsmanship is impeccably encapsulated in the 2019 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 2001-Date, 13th edition.

Drawing upon the expertise of a vast network comprising 150 global experts, World Mints, and Central Banks, this catalog serves as an outstanding reference for the dynamic modern collectible coin market. Arranged in alphabetical order by country, it further categorizes coins based on their political structure, coinage type, and denomination, ensuring a seamless and logical presentation of data. Within its pages, collectors will find coins that embody the pinnacle of ingenuity and artistry in the history of numismatics.

While comprehensive in scope, this catalog remains easily navigable, offering:

Up-to-date secondary market values for coins organized by country, denomination, and issue date.
Widely recognized KM reference numbers for convenient cross-referencing.
Elaborate descriptions, including precise weights and measurements.
An impressive compilation of over 25,000 illustrations, bringing these coins to life.
Updated values for MS66, PF67, and PF69 for the People's Republic of China.
Over 1,000 new type listings for the years 2016 and 2017.
A wealth of new information and images, encompassing 32 pages of valuable additions.
The 2019 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 2001-Date, 13th edition, mirrors the captivating marriage of creativity and tradition found in today's modern collectible coin market. It serves as an indispensable guide for collectors and enthusiasts seeking to explore the world of numismatics, capturing the essence of contemporary coinage with unparalleled depth and precision.