Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701 - 1800 ( 7th ed), e-book



Pages: 1474, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

The 18th century was marked by extensive exploration and colonization, shaping the European landscape in ways that offer today's collectors a rich and expansive world of thrilling possibilities. In this exciting era of global expansion, the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 beckons you to delve into the world of coins from this period.

Featuring an impressive compilation of over 28,500 coin types accompanied by detailed descriptions and expert market analysis, this new edition serves as the most comprehensive and single-source reference for researchers, collectors, and dealers, transporting you to the captivating realm of 18th-century coinage.

With the collective wisdom of more than 70 international coin experts and insights from 50 auction houses across the globe, this seventh edition spans listings from over 600 issuing geographical locations, providing you with a comprehensive view of this significant phase in world coin history.

This new edition boasts the following enhancements:

Rigorously vetted and updated values for accuracy.

Complete coin descriptions that leave no detail unexplored.

Precise measurements of weights and dimensions.

An extensive collection of 27,000 images for swift identification.

Noteworthy price adjustments for Italian States, German States, Scandinavia, British Colonial, Russia, France, Hungary, Transylvania, Austria, and Cut and Countermarked coins.

The Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 is the trusted coin catalog that numismatists have relied upon, and it remains your steadfast companion for the finest in world numismatics. Embrace this new edition and enrich your library with the treasure trove of knowledge it offers today.