Paper Money of the United States. From colonial times to the present, e-book



Pages: 328, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

Since the inception of Federal paper money in 1861 to the present day, this comprehensive catalog features vivid illustrations of the obverse and reverse sides of all denominations, ranging from 3 cents to 10,000 dollars. Each bill is meticulously accompanied by detailed textual information, encompassing descriptions and pricing for every variation of paper currency ever issued. The result is a thorough pictorial, descriptive, and numismatic account of the United States' currency history.

Within its pages, you'll find sections dedicated to Colonial and Continental currency (notes issued from 1680 to 1788), along with a comprehensive breakdown by type of the Confederate States of America issues from 1861 to 1864. Both sections are enhanced with illustrations and market values for various states of preservation. Additionally, the catalog includes chapters on error notes, encased postage stamps, postage envelopes, and, for the first time in this edition, postal notes. Each of the nearly 1,000 illustrations is faithfully reproduced in vibrant color.

For over half a century, "Paper Money of the United States" has served as an invaluable resource for currency collectors and numismatists alike. Its appeal extends beyond the realm of numismatics, resonating with those interested in American history, finance, and economics. Banks in the United States and worldwide will find this book particularly valuable, as it enables the swift identification of obsolete yet still legally accepted paper money while simultaneously providing market valuations. It is a must-have addition to every library, both public and private.