GOLD RUSH How to Collect, Invest & Profit with Gold Coins, e-book



Pages: 361, e-book, PDF format, downloadable file

A few words conjure up the spirit of pioneering and westward expansion in North America during the mid-1800s with California and the late 1890s with the Alaska and Yukon claims.

Gold has long symbolized value throughout history. In their new book, "Gold Rush!" authored by Aryln Sieber and Mitchell Battino, they focus on coins, which are readily accessible to both collectors and investors. It's important to consider gold from an investment perspective as well.

Before World War I, most national economies adhered to the gold standard. Gold coins were in circulation, and national paper currency was backed by gold reserves in the form of coins or bullion. However, as economies evolved, a shift occurred after World War II, and gold coins became less common. In the late 1960s, bullion coins began to be produced, and by the early 1980s, several countries—including Austria, Australia, China, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, and the United States—began minting coins with high purity, nominal face values, and traditional coin designs, departing from the ingot-like form.

As a result, the authors provide listings drawn from Krause Publications' authoritative "Standard Catalog of World Coins," covering modern coinage worldwide. These listings are presented in an easily navigable format, richly illustrated, allowing collectors to choose their preferred approach, whether it's focusing on commemorative, circulating, or bullion coin issues.